Welcome to ICAN of Greater Cleveland!

As a chapter of the International Cesarean Awareness Network, ICAN of GC provides information and support to women planning for normal birth and wishing to avoid unnecessary cesareans – whether they are healing from cesarean surgery, planning a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) or preparing for their first birth experience.

ICAN of GC has been offering monthly meetings and consumer outreach since 1984, during which time the rising cesarean rate temporarily decreased due to consumer demand and provider support.  As a result, the VBAC rate steadily rose until the mid 1990s when provider and hospital attitudes changed and women’s choices in childbirth were severely limited.  Many women, nationally as well as in Northeast Ohio, are now being denied the right to VBAC and/or their labors are so medically managed that their chances for normal vaginal birth are greatly impaired.

ICAN of Greater Cleveland will continue to advocate for women’s rights in childbirth and for babies’ rights to healthy birth experiences while providing you with the best evidence on safe maternity care practices.

We are here for you!  Won’t you join us?