What others have to say about ICAN of Greater Cleveland:

“I want to thank ICAN of Greater Cleveland for your warm welcome and thought-provoking questions when Dr. Stacey Ehrenberg and I came to talk about “how to prevent first cesareans.” I was really impressed with how well-informed your members are, and how sincerely they want to find ways to impact the childbirth options available in the Cleveland area. I thought I was there to teach, but it turned out I was there to learn as well. Thanks!”
Marjorie Greenfield MD
Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Division Director, General Obstetrics and Gynecology
MacDonald Women’s Hospital
University Hospitals Case Medical Center
Author of The Working Woman’s Pregnancy Book  

ICAN of Greater Cleveland has been more important to me than anyone could know for more reasons than anyone could know!  If you are on a journey to have a VBAC, avoid a cesarean if possible, heal from any birth experience, or educate yourself on birth today, ICAN of Greater Cleveland is the place for you!  ICAN, and YOU can, too!

Karen Michney-Heipp, Avon, OH